Sites We Recommend

Ken Pomeroy's Ratings: What sabermetrics is for baseball, the Pomeroy ratings are for basketball. This site, along with his statistical primer and team pages give a great "second-level" look at basketball statistics. Updated daily.

Jerry Palm's RPI: The best RPI you can get without having to pay for it. Strength of schedule rating and rankings in the polls are also on the site in a very user-friendly layout. Updated every Monday morning.'s College Basketball: You'll get more Duke and UK and less XU, but you can't beat it for accessibility of stats and schedules. They also have game boxes and live updates in game. Updated continuously.

The MidMajority: Simply the best site dedicated to mid-major basketball you're ever likely to find. For seven seasons, Kyle Wellington has traveled the country to follow college hoops at the grassroots level. His passion for the game comes through in his eloquent writing; a must-read site for basketball fans. Fittingly, Kyle has recently stopped covering Xavier, as he recognizes their status as a major program. Updated often, usually once or twice a week.