Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Xavier Adds Commitment From Myles Davis

Davis has been dropping bombs since he was a little fella.
Word came out late last night that Xavier has added a verbal commitment from 2012 guard Myles Davis. In addition to bringing a tidal wave of jazz references into play for the next three or four years, Davis brings plenty to the table as a player. Davis is well-known among those who care about such things as an incredible shooter. He has the ability to knockdown jump shots from well beyond the three-point arc, and - along with Justin Martin and Brad Redford - will give Xavier at least three sensational shooters as soon as he sets foot on campus.

Davis was originally a 2011 recruit, but he spent a year at Notre Dame Prep to round out his game and allow his body to fill out. Reports say that Davis has really improved his ball management and midrange game in the prep year, which should serve him well during his time at X. The Recruit Scoop reports that Davis felt like X was "a home away from home for me because of the coaching staff and environment." It also probably doesn't hurt that Coach Mack personally followed him throughout the Hoop Group Elite Camp and the Nike Peach Jam.

Davis' commitment fills up the Xavier roster for 2012, which means that - unless the Muskies choose to oversign - X is out of the running for D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera. DSR had initially commited to X in October 2010, but backed out of the commitment in December of the same year. Though DSR and Davis are both 6'3", Smith-Rivera carries an extra 25 or so pounds on his frame. He probably would have given Xavier a better defensive presence and a more completel guard, but he isn't renowned for the kind of shooting touch that Davis brings to the table. DSR had said all the right things about being willing to recommit to X, so one is left to wonder if the staff got the feeling he was headed elsewhere, thought Davis was a better player or a better fit, or simply got tired of waiting.

With Davis coming to campus next season, Xavier continues to assert its position as a premier destination for top-level recruits. Davis was also coveted by Georgetown, Pitt, and Villanova and had a confirmed offer on the table from at least G'town. The fact that he chose X over those schools shows that Xavier's mid-major label may still apply in the eyes of the media, but it certainly doesn't in the minds of the recruits. While he still has some things to work on - defense and transitioning to being a more complete guard being the major areas he'll be improving - he's another big coup for Coach Mack and the staff.


  1. I think they would oversign for DSR, like they were going to oversign for Michael Chandler for all of two weeks. As of yesterday, the staff is also not recruiting Kareem Canty anymore, but who knows, Semaj Christon might still be in play.

  2. It doesn't break my heart at all to miss out on Canty, as I mentioned before. Apparently Davis really impressed at the Peach Jam with his shooting range and confidence, as well as his ability to get all the way to the rim off the bounce. I can see XU oversigning for DSR because - as you mentioned - you can't pass up a player of that caliber. Looking at the scholarship chart, I'm not sure where the team would make room. Finding room for that kind of talent is a good problem to have, but I'm not sure if I want X to be the kind of program that squeezes a kid out to add a better one.

  3. I would hate to see a transfer, but maybe Lyons will have a breakout year and leave early. The physical potential is there and he's apparently rather tired of classes.

  4. Looks like Jalen Reynolds may have just clarified the situation a little. With his LOI void, I'd give DSR that scholarship in a heartbeat. That would leave us with Sim, Farr, Robinson, Taylor Griff, and Philmore (in a pinch) as capable of filling the 4/5, which is less than ideal but certainly workable.